Bell 429 Global Ranger   msn: 57182

# 182 / N429RP, Tennessee Valley Authority.

Photo: Wysong Enterprises Inc, KTRI, August 2020.

# 182 / RP-C513, Air Juan, captured at Manila, Philippines.

Photo: John S. Goulet, RPMM, 5 July 2014.

# 182 / RP-C513, captured at Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on its delivery flight to the Philippines.

Photo: K4NK4N, WBKK, 28 May 2014.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 xxx 2013 C-GADL  Bell Helicopter Textron Canada,
 DEC 2013 C-GYSI  Bell Helicopter Textron Canada,
 Montreal, Québec
 MAR 2014 C-GYSI  regi canx,
 exported to the Philippines
 xxx 2014 RP-C513  Air Juan,
 Manila, Philippines
 MAR 2018 RP-C513  for sale by Aviation Marketing Group Inc,
 Charlotte, North Carolina. [ttaf:0829]
 MAR 2019 N429RP  Textron Aviation Finance Corporation,
 Wichita, Kansas
 OCT 2019 N429RP  Tennessee Valley Authority,
 Muscle Shoals, Alabama

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