Bell 429 Global Ranger   msn: 57191

# 191 / G-WLTS, Wiltshire Air Ambulance / Heli Charter Ltd, on indoor display at the Bell Helicopter stand
at Heli-Tech 2014 in Amsterdam. It is the first Bell 429 Global Ranger that will commence operating in the EMS role
in the United Kingdom as of 1 December 2014. The Bell 429 is on a 10 year lease from, and operated by Heli Charter Ltd.

Photo: Jan Makkus, Amsterdam-RAI, 14 October 2014.

# 191 / G-WLTS, Wiltshire Air Ambulance, captured after arrival by ship at Liverpool docks.
The airframe has arrived in Manston late September and has been fitted with an
Aerolite EMS interior. The new Air Ambulance is expected to go live on 1 December 2014.
At the same date the operational partnership with the Wiltshire Police,
operating MD Explorer G-WPAS since September 1998, will be concluded.

Photo: North Ports, 22 September 2014.

# 191 / C-GZLQ, Wiltshire Air Ambulance, captured at Bell Montreal, Canada.

Photo: Bell Helicopter, CSW5, September 2014.

# 191 / G-WLTS, Artists impression of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance livery.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 xxx 2014 C-GAED  [test-regi]
 FEB 2014 C-GZLQ  Bell Helicopter Textron Canada,
 Montreal, Québec
 OCT 2014 C-GZLQ  regi canx, exported to the United Kingdom
 OCT 2014 G-WLTS  Heli-Charter Ltd,
 Manston, Ramsgate, United-Kingdom
 DEC 2014 G-WLTS  Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust,
 Calne, Wiltshire, United-Kingdom

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