MD 520 NOTAR   msn: LN-003

# LN-003 / N523FB, Phoenix Police Department at Phoenix Deer Valley.

Photo: Heli-Mart, KDVT, November 2005.

# LN-003 / N523FB, Phoenix Police Department.

Photo: Stephen Cook, Phoenix, May 2002.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 xx xxx 1991 N58523  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 xx SEP 1991 N523FB  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 31 JAN 1992 N523FB  City of Phoenix Police Department,
 Phoenix, Arizona
 xx JAN 2006 N523FB  for sale by Heli-Mart,
 Arizona. [ttaf:12.400]
 16 MAY 2007 N523FB  K-TEK Aircraft LLC,
 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
 10 APR 2015 N523FB  Southern Helicopters Inc,
 Sunshine, Louisiana
 23 MAY 2015 N523CP  Southern Helicopters Inc,
 Sunshine, Louisiana
 29 MAR 2016 N523CP  regi canx,
 C of A expired.
 06 FEB 2020 N523CP  Hornet International LLC,
 Picayune, Mississippi
 xx FEB 2023   for sale by Avgas Ltd,
 Auckland, New Zealand. [usd: 489.000,==]

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