MD 520 NOTAR   msn: LN-016

# LN-016 / ZK-IEG, Amuri Helicopters, at the Great Kiwi 500 Fly-In.

Photo: Ned Dawson, Hanmer Springs Village, 18 + 19 February 2023.

# LN-016 / ZK-IJW, Heli Glenorchy Ltd.

Photo: Heli Glenorchy Ltd.

# LN-016 / C-FMYW, Repainted during 2010 and for sale by Thabet Aeroplus, Quebec.

# LN-016 / C-FMYW, HeliMax.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 29 APR 1992 C-FMYW  Heli-Max,
 Ontario, Canada
 13 FEB 2006 C-FMYW  Heli-Transport Inc,
 Trois Rivieres, Canada
 xx OCT 2007 C-FMYW  for sale by Thabet Aeroplus,
 Canada [ttaf:6396]
 24 AUG 2011 ZK-IJW  Reid Heslop Helicopters Ltd,
 Wakefield, New Zealand
 16 MAY 2012 ZK-IJW  R & J Trust,
 Brightwater, New Zealand
 20 AUG 2012 ZK-IJW  Reid Helicopters Nelson Ltd,
 Wakefield, New Zealand
 xx JUN 2014 ZK-IJW  for sale by Oceania Aviation Ltd,
 New Zealand
 [ttaf:6905] & [$ 780.000,==]
 02 JAN 2015 ZK-IJW  Action Helicopters Ltd,
 Upper Moutere, New Zealand
 xx xxx 2015 ZK-IJW  Heli Glenorchy Ltd,
 Glenorchy airfield, New Zealand
 xx DEC 2016 ZK-IJW  Heliventures NZ Limited,
 Oamaru, New Zealand
 xx JAN 2017 ZK-IEG  Heliventures NZ Limited,
 Oamaru, New Zealand
 14 SEP 2018 ZK-IEG  Owner: Amuri Helicopters Ltd,
 Hanmer Springs, New Zealand
 14 SEP 2018 ZK-IEG  Operator: Hanmer Springs Helicopters,
 Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

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