MD 520 NOTAR   msn: LN-018

# LN-018 / ZK-HBC, Mt.Hutt Helicopters, hovering while delivering concrete at a KiwiRail construction site.

Photo: Malcolm Teasdale, 2 March 2013.

# LN-018 / ZK-HBC, Mt.Hutt Helicopters, captured during a heli-ski mission and equipped with
a large skibox, while departing from Mount Hutt, Canterbury, New Zealand.

Photo: Nick Lawry, 10 August 2010.

# LN-018 / G-NEEN, Otus Associates, pictured at Shoreham, United Kingdom.

Photo: Bob Kent / Lite Pix Aviation, EGSH, 4 December 2005.

# LN-018 / G-NOTR, Chartfleet Ltd, at Shoreham.

Photo: Steve Hall, EGSH, 16 April 2002.

# LN-018 / N16061, Air Star / McDonnell Douglas Helicopters.

# LN-018 / N16061, McDonnell Douglas Helicopters.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 xxx 1992 N16061  McDonnell Douglas Helicopters Company,
 Mesa, Arizona
 APR 1992 N16061  AirStar Helicopters Inc,
 Grand Canyon, Arizona
 MAR 1996 N16061  McDonnell Douglas Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 SEP 2000 N520MD  McDonnell Douglas Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 FEB 2001 N520MD  Marks Parks Inc,
 Wilmington, Delaware
 FEB 2001 G-NOTR  Eastern Atlantic Helicopters,
 Shoreham, United Kingdom
 JUL 2002 G-NOTR  Chartfleet Ltd,
 Peterborough, United Kingdom
 NOV 2005 G-NEEN  Otus Associates Ltd,
 Storrington, United Kingdom
 JUN 2008 G-NEEN  Eastern Atlantic Helicopters,
 Shoreham, United Kingdom
 JUN 2008 G-NEEN  regi canx,
 exported to New Zealand
 JUN 2008 ZK-HBC  Mount Hutt Helicopters Ltd,
 Ashburton, New Zealand
 SEP 2017 ZK-IKG  Mount Hutt Helicopters Ltd,
 Methven, New Zealand

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