MD 520 NOTAR   msn: LN-051

# 051 / VT-TEX, Tata Export Company, captured at Bombay - Juhu.

Photo: Jimmy Wadia, VAJJ, April 1995.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 xx JUL 1993 N52053  McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company,
 Mesa, Arizona
 08 OCT 1993 N52053  regi canx,
 exported to India
 15 DEC 1993 VT-TEX  Tata Export Company,
 Bombay, India
 07 DEC 2021 VT-TEX  regi canx,
 exported to the USA
 22 FEB 2022 N520NH  Eastern Atlantic Helicopter Sales Inc. [trustee],
 Wilmington, Delaware
 xx FEB 2022 N520NH  for sale by MD Helicopters Australia.
 [ttaf: 0904]

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