MD 520 NOTAR   msn: LN-089

# 089 / ZK-HVA, Tied down to a flatbed container in the Port of Auckland,
ready to be shipped to Australia.

# 089 / VH-KXS, turning in to land at Bacchus Marsh airfield, Victoria, Australia.

Photo: Faram Khambatta, YBSS, 10 October 2009.

# 089 / G-SIVN, Select Helicopters.

Photo: Graeme Lovell, EGBW, March 2006.

# 089 / HB-ZBS after its arrival in the United Kingdom.

Photo: Bob Kent / Lite Pix Aviation, Shoreham, October 2004.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 NOV 1999 N3234D  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 FEB 2000 HB-ZBS  Fuchs Helicopters,
 Suisse (ntu)
 JUN 2003   for sale by Fuchs Heli,
 Suisse [ttaf:000]
 NOV 2004 G-SIVN  Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd,
 Shoreham, United Kingdom
 NOV 2004 N9RU  Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Inc,
 Wilmington, Delaware
 DEC 2004 G-SIVN  Mandarin Aviation Ltd,
 Redhill, United Kingdom
 MAY 2006 G-SIVN  Select Helicopters Ltd,
 Kintore, United Kingdom
 NOV 2006 G-SIVN  Cumbrian Seafoods Ltd,
 Maryport, United Kingdom
 DEC 2008 ZK-III  Faram Aviation Group Ltd,
 Gisbourne, New Zealand
 MAY 2009 VH-KXS  SMW Industries Pty.Ltd, Keilor East,
 Victoria, Australia
 JUN 2013 VH-KXS  near miss incident at
 Bacchus Marsh airfield.
 [view ATSB report]
 FEB 2014 VH-KXS  for sale by Oceania Aviation,
 Auckland, New Zealand
 [ttaf:395] & [$ 1.120.000,==]
 MAR 2014 ZK-HVA  Van Asch Wines Limited,
 Queenstown, New Zealand
 MAY 2014 ZK-HVA  change of ownership,
 New Zealand
 MAY 2015 ZK-HVA  Fiordland Helicopters Limited,
 Te Anau, New Zealand
 JAN 2017 ZK-HVA  regi canx, exported to
 FEB 2017 VH-INM  Rotor Force Australia Proprietary Ltd,
 Gunn Resources Proprietary Ltd,
 Queensland, Australia

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