Agusta MD 520 NOTAR   msn: LN-301 / 301

# 301 / F-HCJL, After a 20 year stay in Italia, the MD520 was exported to France.

# 301 / I-AGMP, Agusta Spa, The only Agusta build MD520N pictured at Borgo San Lorenzo.

Photo: Stefano Culatti, 4 June 2006.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 xx MAY 1995 I-AGMP  Agusta Spa,
 Vergiate, Italia
 xx MAY 2015 I-AGMP  regi canx,
 exported to France
 23 DEC 2015 F-HCJL  Charles Baumert et Cie Sarl,
 Abidos, Pau Pyrenees, France
 23 JAN 2017 F-HCJL  for sale in Pau, France
 26 SEP 2019 F-HCJL  Operator: Sarl Resel Immo,
 La Rochelle, France
 28 OCT 2019 F-HCJL  Owner: Credit Mutuel Leasing,
 Paris, France

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