MD 600 NOTAR   msn: RN-020

# 020 / XC-AAF, Ambulancia de Oaxaca, crashed on 24 April 2013 during a medical emergency flight,
about 5 miles from Oaxaca airport, in the vicinity of Cuilapan de Guerrero, Mexico.
The four occupants of the helicopter did not survive the crash.
The airframe was completely destroyed and is written off.

# 020 / The remains of the destroyed Ambulancia de Oaxaca MD600 XC-AAF


# 020 / XC-AAF, Clearly has changed its role from Law Enforcement to EMS / SAR,
showing its large RESCATE / AMBULANCIA / "Salud para todos" markings,
as can be seen on this image recently captured at Tucson, Arizona.

Photo: Barry Griffiths, KTUS, 10 November 2011.

# 020 / XC-AAF, Oaxaca Government, pictured during take-off with a SWAT team.

Photo: Mikeldi Valdes, Mexico, December 2004.

# 020 / XC-AAF, Oaxaca Government, "UPOE 01"

Photo: Mikeldi Valdes, Mexico, December 2004.

# 020 / N911TC, Trinity Corporation.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 DEC 1997 N9220W  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 DEC 1997 N911TC  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 APR 1998 N911TC  Trinity Corporation,
 Lubbock, Texas
 SEP 2000 N911TC  Cherokee Aviation,
 Midlothian, Texas
 OCT 2000 XC-AAF  Oaxaca Government,
 APR 2013 XC-AAF  crashed near Cuilapan de Guerrero, Mexico
 4k. [airframe written off]

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