MD 600 NOTAR   msn: RN-024

C-GOHN, Oceanview Helicopters, equiped with an utility basket,
about to touchdown on a remote provisonal helispot in the Canadian wilderness.

Photo: Canada, 4 February 2009.

N626SB, San Bernardino County Sheriff.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 DEC 1997 N9216X  MD Helicopters, Mesa, Arizona
 MAR 1998 N626SB  MD Helicopters, Mesa, Arizona
 JUL 1998 N626SB  San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department,
 Rialto, California
 MAR 1999 N626SB  landing incident at Rialto, California
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 AUG 2005 N626SB  regi canx, exported to Canada
 NOV 2007 C-GAAJ  Ruperts Land Operations Inc,
 Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada
 JUN 2008 C-GOHN  Oceanview Helicopters, Powell River, Canada
 MAR 2009 C-GOHN  destroyed during white out conditions at
 Toba Valley, British Columbia, Canada
 SEP 2009 C-GOHN  regi canx. airframe W/O.

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