MD 600 NOTAR   msn: RN-042

# 042 / C-FIHL, Interior Helicopters, Canada.

Photo: Controller, June 2012.

# 042 / N451DL, Aradian Aviation Inc.

Photo: Aradian Aviation.

# 042 / N451DL pictured on a logging trail in Issaquena County after the pilot
completed a succesful autorotation when an inflight engine failure occurred.
During the autorotation the main rotor blades chopped the tailboom.

Photo: Rebecca Latimer, 6 February 2007, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

# 042 / N451DL, D.J.L. Properties.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 OCT 1998 N9209X  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 OCT 1999 N451DL  DJL Properties Inc,
 Baker, Oregon
 FEB 2005 N451DL  for sale by Corporate Helicopters,
 San Diego, California. [ttaf:700]
 OCT 2005 N451DL  K-Tek Aircraft LLC,
 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
 FEB 2007 N451DL  landing incident in Issaquena County
 [view ntsb report DFW07CA065]
 AUG 2007 N451DL  Aradian Aviation Inc,
 Wilmington, Delaware
 AUG 2007 N451DL  for sale by Aradian Aviation,
 United Kingdom. [ttaf:850]
 AUG 2008 C-FIHL  Interior Helicopters Ltd,
 Fort St.James, British Columbia
 MAR 2009 C-FIHL  for sale by Aradian Aviation,
 United Kingdom. [ttaf:1095]
 JUN 2012 C-FIHL  for sale by Interior Helicopters Ltd,
 Fort St.James, British Columbia. [ttaf:1924]
 JAN 2016 C-FIHL  regi canx,
 exported to the USA
 MAR 2016 N811LH  Lohman Helicopter LLC,
 Boring, Oregon
 NOV 2016 N811LH  for sale by Lohman Helicopter LLC,
 Lewiston, Idaho. [ttaf:2365]
 AUG 2017 N811LH  MP Aviation LLC,
 Post Falls, Idaho
 AUG 2019 N208MP  MP Aviation LLC,
 Post Falls, Idaho
 JUL 2020 N208MP  landing incident near Thompson Falls, Montana
 [view ntsb report WPR20LA235]
 APR 2021 N208MP  Regi Canx,
 airframe withdrawn from use

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