MD 600 NOTAR   msn: RN-049

00603, Operated by POCTO / ROSTO.

Photo: GALS Aero, 2005.

N600MG, pictured during HeliTech 2001 at Duxford, United Kingdom,
showing a colourful livery with "The first MD 600N of Y2K" markings.

Photo: Jan Makkus, EGSU, September 2001.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 APR 1999 N3266A  MD Helicopters, Mesa, Arizona
 DEC 1999 N600MG  MD Helicopters, Mesa, Arizona
 FEB 2000 N600MG  Paul Bundy Aviation Inc, Wilmington, Delaware
 NOV 2002 N600MG  Mentor Adi Recruitment Inc, Wilmington, Delaware
 JUL 2005 00603  Amega Holding, Novokuznetsk, Russia
 NOV 2005   crashed in Russia. W/O.

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