MD 600 NOTAR   msn: RN-056

RN-056 / N208EC, During September 2017 EC Source Aviation was rebranded into Helius Aero.
Based in Glendale, Arizona, Helius is specialized in high-intensity power line construction
and maintenance work throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.

RN-056 / N208EC, EC Source Aviation.

RN-056 / N602RP, performing joy-flights during the Wings Wheels and Rotors Expo 2011
at Old Ranch Seal Beach / Los Alamitos AAF, California.

Photo: Damon J.Duran, KSLI, 23 October 2011.

RN-056 / N602RP

Photo: Aradian Aviation

RN-056 / RF-00971, Beaukoaykckou Ack, prior to being dismantled and shipped to the USA.

Photo: Aradian Aviation, 4 August 2009.

RN-056 / RF 00603, painted in bright red colours, operated by POCTO / ROSTO.

Photo: GALS Aero, Winter 2005.

RN-056 / G-BZTZ, Amberley Aviation / Essentially Sport at Shoreham.

Photo: Martin Stephen, EGKA, 21 June 2003.

RN-056 / G-BZTZ, Helicorp Ltd.

Photo: Chris Jones, Kintore helipad, 2 May 2002.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 FEB 2000 N70412  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 MAY 2001 G-BZTZ  Helicorp Ltd,
 Stone, United Kingdom
 NOV 2002 G-BZTZ  for sale by Eastern Atlantic,
 United Kingdom. [ttaf:090]
 MAR 2003 G-BZTZ  Amberley Aviation Ltd,
 St.Helier, United Kingdom
 SEP 2004 G-BZTZ  for sale by Aradian Aviation,
 United Kingdom. [ttaf:575]
 NOV 2005 RF-00603 POCTO / ROSTO,
 xxx 2006 RF-00971 Beaukoaykckou Ack,
 Velikie Luki, Russia
 DEC 2009 N602RP  Aradian Aviation Inc,
 Wilmington, Delaware
 DEC 2009 N602RP  for sale by Aradian Aviation Inc,
 Wilmington, Delaware. [ttaf:830]
 NOV 2012 N602RP  EC Source Aviation LLC,
 Houston, Texas
 DEC 2012 N208EC  EC Source Aviation LLC,
 Houston, Texas
 OCT 2017 N208EC  Crosswind Leasing LLC,
 Prescott, Arizona

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