MD 600 NOTAR   msn: RN-078

# 078 / N678SK, This MD600 returned to flying status after rebuilding and repainting.

Photo: Trinity Aviation, 2018.

# 078 / S2-AFZ, The Meghna Group helicopter crash landed in a rice paddy near Nimertek village,
Nawraparha, Narayanganj around 4 pm on Thuesday 12 February 2013. 6 people where injured and taken to hospital.
The helicopter was on a flight from the Meghna Group factory at Sonargaon's Meghna Chat to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

# 078 / S2-AFZ, The tailboom has been separated from the cabin by the mainrotor blades,
an usual sight when a MD600N has made a heavy (crash) landing.

# 078 / S2-AFZ / N42824, captured at Mesa Falcon Field, Arizona, prior to its delivery to Bangladesh.

Photo: Sun Valley Aviation, KFFZ, Januari 2012.

# 078 / N42824, pictured at Mesa, Arizona.

Photo: Aradian, KFFZ, Januari 2011.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 MAR 2010 N42824  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 AUG 2010 N42824  for sale by Aradian Aviation,
 United-Kingdom, [ttaf:new]
 FEB 2011 N42824  Antonov Group FZE,
 Windermere, Florida
 MAY 2012 S2-AFZ  Meghna Group,
 Dacca, Bangladesh
 FEB 2013 S2-AFZ  crash landed near Nimertek village, Nawraparha,
 Narayanganj, Bangladesh.
 FEB 2018 N678SK  [reservation]
 MAR 2018 N678SK  Flight Trails Helicopters Inc,
 Mesa, Arizona
 JUN 2018 N678SK  Heliventure LLC,
 Lewes, Delaware
 JUL 2018 N678SK  for sale by Trinity Aviation,
 Georgetown, Texas
 [ttaf:0120] & [$ 2.200.000,==]

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