MD 900 Explorer   msn: 900-00016

# 00016 / PP-MDX, Helicentro, showing its new red & blue livery, resembling
Ayrton Senna's World Champion Formula 1 racecar.

Photo: Mark Kolmogoroff, 2014.

# 00016 / PP-MDX, displaying its Red Bull exterior livery over Rio de Janeiro.

Photo: Red Bull Air Force Team Rio de Janeiro, 2013.

# 00016 / PP-MDX, On static display at the LABACE 2013 in Sao Paulo.
Outfitted with an EMS interior, and a Red Bull exterior livery.

Photo: AIN, Sao Paulo, 15 August 2013.

# 00016 / PP-MDX, Helicentro, travelling along the Sao Paulo skyline in Brasil.

Photo: Marcio Jumpei, Sao Paulo, July 2012.

# 00016 / PP-MDX, Captured overflying Sao Paulo, Brasil.

Photo: Bruno Lins, Sao Paulo, 2 June 2012.

# 00016 / N9016W, Departing from McMinn County airport near Athens, Tennessee.

Photo: P.Robinson, KMMI, 22 June 2006.

# 00016 / N9016W, captured while practising approaches at Mesa- Falcon Field, Arizona.

Photo: Del Laughery, KFFZ, 29 June 2004.

# 00016 / N9016W, Performing demo flights at Farnborough, United Kingdom.

Photo: Kevin Colbran, EGLF, 3 September 1996.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 MAY 1995 N9016W  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 JUL 1995 N9016W  Georgetown Interstate Aviation Inc,
 Kirkland, Washington
 MAR 1996 N81EC  Georgetown Interstate Aviation Inc,
 Kirkland, Washington
 AUG 1996 N9016W  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 SEP 2004 N9016W  NOTAR fan failure during take-off,
 Mesa, Arizona
 [view NTSB report LAX04LA333]
 FEB 2012 N9016W  for sale by Flinn Zachary Aviation Group,
 Georgetown, Texas. [ttaf:2414]
 APR 2012 N9016W  regi canx,
 exported to Brasil
 MAY 2012 PP-MDX  Helicentro Ltda,
 São Paulo, Brasil
 FEB 2017 PP-MDX  for sale by,
 Jensen Beach, Florida. [ttaf:2810]
 APR 2019 PP-MDX  for sale by Helicentro Ltda,
 São Paulo, Brasil. [ttaf:2829]

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