MD 900 Explorer  msn: 900-00021

# 021 / N179PA, National Park Service, cruising along the Grand Canyon.

Photo: MD Helicopters.

# 021 / N179PA, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters / National Park Service.

Photo: Guido van Roy.

Official Dedicating Quiet Technology Helicopters Ceremony at the Grand Canyon National Park
(GCNP) airport in Tusayan, Arizona by Department of Interior Secretary Bruce Babitt (right),
Senator John McCain (middle) and NPS Superintendent Robert Arnburger (left).
The MD Helicopter is the first helicopter to begin operating for the NPS that meets
the FAA's new Category C noise-level requirements that will be mandatory by 2002
for airtour helicopters flying in the Grand Canyon National Park. Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters
purchased the helicopter to carry out an NPS contract that started in January 1998.

Photo: Tusayan, Arizona, 6 January 1998.

# 021 / N811CM, The same Explorer operating for the National Park Service,
has been flying for two years with tailnumber N811CM.

# 021 / N811CM, Operating for Georgetown Interstate Aviation at Seattle Boeing Field.

Photo: Andy Vanderheyden, KBFI, 1996


# 021 / N179PA, The cabin and tailboom have been separated after its crash landing at Fredonia, Arizona.

Photo: Fredonia, October 2003.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 SEP 1995 N9021T  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 JUL 1996 N811CM  Georgetown Interstate Aviation Inc,
 Kirkland, Washington
 SEP 1996 N811CM  National Park Service,
 FEB 1997 N811CM  for sale by Flight Center Seattle,
 Seattle, Washington
 JAN 1998 N811CM  National Park Service / Papillon Helicopters
 [quiet technology dedication ceremony]
 MAY 1998 N179PA  National Park Service / Papillon Helicopters
 Gulf Inc, Kirkland, Washington
 OCT 2003 N179PA  landing incident,
 Fredonia, Arizona
 [download ntsb report]
 MAR 2007 N179PA  regi canx,
 airframe W/O.

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