MD 900 Explorer   msn: 900-00025

# 025 / C-GHZF, Airspan Helicopters, out in the field during a project for BC Hydro,
working on powerlines near Lillooet, British Columbia.

Photo: Jerret Lensen, Lillooet, 4 October 2016.

# 025 / C-GHZF, Was recently delivered from Arizona to Horizon Helicopters in the Yukon Territory,
and is captured during a brief fuel stop on a busy day of slinging loads at Fraser,
British Columbia, about 30 miles north of Skagway, Alaska.

Photo: Murray Lundberg, 8 September 2011.

# 025 / N902PB, Corporate Helicopters, near San Diego Montgomery Field.

Photo: Lghsiao, KMYF, 13 April 2011.

# 025 / N57RP, Petersen Aviation.

Photo: Stephen Cook, Phoenix, October 2001.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 OCT 1995 N9082Z  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 MAR 1997 N57RP  Petersen Aviation,
 Van Nuys, California
 AUG 2002 N57RP  Kingswood Aviation Inc. DBA,
 Los Gatos, California
 AUG 2008 N57RP  for sale by MACS Performance LLC,
 Arizona. [ttaf:1791]
 SEP 2008 N57RP  ADM Aviation LLC,
 Austin, Texas
 NOV 2008 N902PB  ADM Aviation LLC,
 Austin, Texas
 AUG 2009 N902PB  for sale by Corporate Helicopters,
 San Diego, California. [ttaf:1872]
 MAY 2011 N902PB  Bank of Utah [trustee],
 Salt Lake City, Utah
 AUG 2011 C-GHZF  Horizon Helicopters Ltd,
 Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
 AUG 2016 C-GHZF  Airspan Helicopters Ltd,
 Sechelt, BC, Canada
 APR 2019 C-GHZF  for sale by Heli Connections Aviation Inc,
 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
 [ttaf:4066] & [$ 1.250.000,==]
 NOV 2019 N806LB  Brim Equipment Leasing LLC,
 Greenwich, Connecticut

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