MD 900 Explorer   msn: 900-00035

# 035 / RP-C900, Asian Aerospace Corporation. This MD Explorer was acquired
in Mexico in May 2015 and shipped to the Philippines during August 2015.
After maintenance and repainting the MD Explorer emerged in a splendid light green livery.

Photo: Asian Aerospace Corporation, 2016.

# 035 / XB-KST, A great action shot taken at Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico.

Photo: Mauricio Arturo Velazquez Delgado, MMQT, 11 June 2007.

A very nice air-to-air shot of the Mexican Explorer XA-MDB,
operated by Aeromundo Ejecutivo SA / Pegaso.

Photo: Carlos Oscar Ruiz Cardeña, Mexico City, 15 January 2003.

The same Explorer noted with additional Realmadrid and WAU markings.

Photo: Carlos Oscar Ruiz Cardeña, Mexico City, 6 November 2003.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 MAY 1996 N9198R  MD Helicopters,
 Mesa, Arizona
 xxx 1997 XA-MDB  Aerocentro,
 xxx 1997 XA-MDB  Aeromundo Ejecutivo / Pegaso,
 xxx 2007 XB-KST  .....,
 OCT 2013 XB-KST  for sale by Eckhart Helicopter Sales Inc,
 Grayslake, Illinois
 [ttaf:2211] & [POR]
 SEP 2015 RP-C900  Asian Aerospace Corporation,
 Pasay City, Philippines

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