MD 900 Explorer   msn: 900-00090

# 090 / RP-C902, Asian Aerospace Corporation.

Photo: Asian Aerospace Corporation, 4Q2015.

# 090 / RP-C902, The second MD Explorer was imported from China during July 2015.

Adriaan Coetzee, 2 August 2015.

# 090 / B-7740, Avion Pacific Ltd, operated by Kings Aviation from Shenzhen, China.
Operating as Search and Rescue, Aerial filming, Harbour Pilot transfer and Pax transfer.

Photo: Avion Pacific, July 2014.

# 090 / B-7740, Operated by Guangdong General Aviation Company,
Operating for the China Maritime Safety Agency,
and leased via Avion Pacific.

Photo: South624.

# 090 / PK-OCS, Airfast Indonesia, pictured at Jakarta Halim Perdanakusuma International.

Photo: Gerry Soejatman, WIIH, 1 April 2003.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 AUG 2001 N70530  MD Helicopters Inc,
 Mesa, Arizona
 SEP 2001 PK-OCS  P.T. Airfast Indonesia,
 Java, Indonesia
 DEC 2003 PK-OCS  for sale by Airfast Indonesia,
 SEP 2006 B-7740  Guangdong General Aviation Company,
 JUL 2014 B-7740  Avion Pacific Ltd, / Kings Aviation,
 Shenzhen, China
 JUN 2015 B-7740  regi canx,
 exported to Philippines
 AUG 2015 RP-C902  Asian Aerospace Corporation,
 Pasay City, Philippines
 APR 2021 RP-C902  for sale by Asian Aerospace,
 Pasay City, Philippines
 [ttaf:2757] & [$ 2.500.000,==]
 JUN 2023 RP-C902  for sale by Asian Aerospace,
 Pasay City, Philippines
 [ttaf:2757] & [$ 2.200.000,==]

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