MD 900 Explorer   msn: 900-00132

# 132 / G-16, Federal Police of Belgium, hangared at Brussels - Melsbroek.

Photo: Johan Hetebrij, EBBR, 30 May 2012.

# 132 / G-16, Federal Police of Belgium, departing from a dusty Genk-Zwartberg.

Photo: Peter Maassen, EBZW, 6 June 2013.

# 132 / G-16, Federal Police of Belgium, was captured on its delivery flight at Groningen-Eelde
from Odense, Denmark on its way to Brussels-Melsbroek, Belgium. The helicopter was
previously operated by Casa Air in the VIP role, and has to be equipped and painted
in the Police role, the completion will take a few weeks. Thereafter the older
MD Explorers will be converted from MD900 to MD902 versions.

Photo: Jack Poelstra, EHGG, 11 October 2010.

# 132 / OY-HMS, Casa Air, on static display at the Roskilde airshow, Denmark.

Photo: Mogens Wahl, EKRK, 22 August 2009.

# 132 / N40216, During a test flight near Grand Prairie, Texas.

Photo: Timothy Pruitt, KGPM, 26 February 2009.

# 132 / N40216, At the Heritage Aviation Completion Center at Grand Prairie, Texas.

Photo: Zane Adams, KGPM, 26 February 2009.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 OCT 2008 N40216  MD Helicopters Inc,
 Mesa, Arizona
 AUG 2009 OY-HMS  Casa Air A/S,
 Horsens, Denmark
 OCT 2010 G-16 / OO-POI Federal Police,
 Melsbroek, Belgium

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