Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-BAG, Falcon 20, msn 126/438

PH-BAG was pictured in front of the conspicuous control tower at Rotterdam - Zestienhoven.

Photo: Jan Makkus, EHRD, 26 November 1977

PH-BAG, Business Air Services at Rotterdam.

Photo: Jan Makkus, EHRD, 26 November 1977

When Jetstar Holland entered the Dutch Executive transport market with two Corvette's during the summer of 1977, it was time for Business Air Services to enter the Jet age and to expand the fleet with a Falcon 20 in November of the same year. Before the introduction of the Falcon, Business Air Services was operating a large fleet of Piper Navajo's. Unfortunately this jet did not operate for a long period from Zestienhoven, as it was cancelled from the Dutch register during July 1979, and sold as N1047T.

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