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PH-CHT, Falcon 2000EX, msn 40

PH-CHT, Jet Netherlands, at Schiphol-Oost.
Photo: Alex Williams, EHAM, 1 December 2007.

PR-PPN, DF Panarello, pictured at Lyon-Bron en France.
Photo: Fabien Campillo, LFLY, 19 February 2007.

This Falcon 2000EX was registered with MW Airplane IV Corporation BV / Jet Netherlands on 20 November 2007, and started its delivery flight from Wilmington, Delaware, USA with an intermediate stop at Keflavik, Iceland. The next day it arrived at Schiphol. The pre-owned Falcon was build in 2004 and airtested with tailnumber F-WWGV. It started its career with tailnumber N240EX. Its first owner, Distribuidora Farmaceutica Panarello, was operating the Falcon 2000 from Brasil with tailnumber PR-PPN. It was registered in Brasil on 28 January 2005. In September 2007 the Falcon was exported to the USA and registered with tailnumber N888NX. On 19 November 2007 it was cancelled when it was exported to the Netherlands. The cockpit is equipped with an avant-garde EASy; Enhanced Avionics System, based on Honeywell's Primus Epic integrated avionics system, with four 10x13 inch LCD's. On 25 August 2008 the Falcon was transferred to Jet Support BV after a financial dispute between the owner and the operator. On 16 November 2011 the Falcon was transferred to Flying Service NV from Antwerpen - Deurne. The Falcon was cancelled from the Dutch civil aircraft register on 4 April 2012 and exported to the USA. It was registered to Boston Post Leasing LLC, from Bedford, New Hampshire on 14 May 2012 with tailnumber N131A.

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