Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-DRK, Cessna 560XL, msn 560-5258, hex: 484447

PH-DRK, showing its recently painted new livery at Rotterdam.

Photo: Henk Wadman, EHRD, 1 March 2013.

PH-DRK, JetNetherlands, at Schiphol-Oost in front of the former Fokker hangars.
Chris Ufkes, EHAM, 29 December 2007

PH-DRK captured upon arrival and receiving a welcome spray by the airport firebrigade at Schiphol-Oost.
Joop Stroes, EHAM, 26 September 2005

JetNetherlands did reserve registration mark PH-DRK On 3 August 2005, and on 6 September 2005 the Cessna 560XL was registered as such. It was cancelled from the Canadian register on 25 August 2005 and a month later the Citation was delivered to Amsterdam. During March 2008 and February 2010 the Citation was offered for sale by Aeromanagement Inc, from Annapolis, Maryland with a total airframe time of [ttaf:2070] & [ttaf:2173]. Previous identities: C- GWII and N52334. The Citation was cancelled from the Dutch Civil Aircraft Register on 24 June 2015 and exported to Luxembourg. It started operating with Lux Aviation with tailnumber LX-VMF.

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