Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-ERP, Falcon 900EX, msn 1

PH-ERP, captured while parked in Hangar 9 at Schiphol-Oost.
Photo: Jan Makkus, EHAM, June 1997

The second Falcon with construction-number "1" was written in the Dutch civil aircraft register on 04 June 1997. ERP is short for "Enterprise Resource Planning", one of the most important software products of Baan. Due to financial difficulties the Falcon had to be sold and during October 1998 PH-ERP was cancelled from the Dutch register. The Falcon was exported to the USA and did receive the tailnumber N900HG. The softwarehouse Baan was eventually sold to the British IT company Invensys, and many small Dutch investors did lose a lot of money.

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