Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-JAY, Cessna 510 Citation Mustang, msn 510-0303, hex 4850CC

Photo: Henk Wadman, EHRD, 14 March 2014.

A close-up of the Flying Tiger nose art.

ZS-YES, Operating in South Africa.
Photo: Adrian Munro.

The fourth Citation Mustang on the Dutch register is a pre-owned example, previously operating in the Republic of South-Africa with tailnumber ZS-YES. It was offered for sale with a TTAF of 820 hours and arrived at Rotterdam airport on 10 March 2014. A few days later it was captured as PH-JAY. On 26 March the Mustang was registered to and is operated by Flying Tiger Air Services BV from Loosdrecht. On 6 November 2015 the Mustang was cancelled from the Dutch Civil Aircraft Register and exported to Austria, where it started operating with Globe Air AG with tailnumber OE-FBD.

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