Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-MED, Bombardier Learjet 55C, msn 55-136

PH-MED, Interstate Airlines "Lois Megan".

Photo: Henk Wadman, EHRD, 21 August 2009.

The same Learjet 55C had been registered in Austria with tail-number OE-GCF from July 1994 untill May 2009.
The Learjet was registered to Schaffer Gmbh while operating a flight to Nurnberg, Germany.

Photo: Thomas Niepel, EDDN, 19 March 2008.

PH-MED is a pre-owned Learjet 55C that was build in 1989. It is the first Learjet in the Dutch Civil Aircraft register and also the first Dutch Business Jet equiped for medical transports. This Learjet has previously been operating in Austria from July 1994 untill May 2009 and the USA. Previous Tail-numbers are: OE-GCF, N155PS, N767NY, N767AZ, N3811G. The Airbulance arrived at Maastricht Beek airport on 4 June 2009 on delivery to Interstate Airlines and is named Lois Megan. On 22 december 2009 the Learjet was already cancelled from the Dutch register and exported to FAI Air Service in Germany where it received tail-number D-CFAZ. In Januari 2010 the Learjet was offered for sale with a TTAF of 4640 hours.

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