Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-NDK, Falcon 900, msn 175, hex 484703

PH-NDK, SolidaiR.

This pre-owned Falcon 900 was build in 2000 and was registered to SolidaiR BV on 18 January 2008 with tail-number PH-NDK. The Falcon was previously operating with Heliavia from Lisboa, Portugal with tailnumber CS-TMQ. During January 2009 the Falcon was offered for sale. [ttaf:4416] Solidair was declared bankrupt on 7 October 2011 and PH-NDK was transferred to M & A Boekhoorn BV, Arnhem on 2 November 2011. On 9 March 2012 the Falcon was tranferred to ASL BV, Eindhoven.

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