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PH-NNX, Cessna Citation X, msn:750-0232, hex:485D30

PH-NNX, ASL - JetNetherlands Cessna Citation Ten arriving at Groningen - Eelde airport.

Photo: Simon Dorschman, EHGG, 30 September 2019.

EI-LEO, Private Sky - Air Link Airways Ltd, at Dublin.

Photo: Ireland Aviation.com, EIDW, 28 December 2014.

OE-HAC, Jet Alliance, stored at Vienna-Schwechat.

Photo: Guido Warnecke, LOWW, December 2013.

This pre-owned Cessna Citation Ten was build in 2004 and test flown during September 2004 with tail-number N232CX. It was exported to Austria in April 2005 where it started operating with Jet Alliance from Vienna with tailnumber OE-HAC. In 2013 the Citation Ten was seen stored at Vienna. On 19 November 2014 it was transferred to Private Sky - Air Link Airways Ltd, Shannon, Ireland and tailnumber EI-LEO was applied. On the first of January 2017 the Citation Ten was transferred to Gainjet Ireland. On 13 June 2019 the Citation Ten was flown from EGAA-Belfast to Ostend and transferred to ASL - JetNetherlands. It was registered as PH-NNX on 20 June 2019. It is based at EBKT-Kortrijk Wevelgem, but is mainly operating from EBOS-Ostend-Bruges, Belgium. Previous tailnumbers are: N232CX, OE-HAC, EI- LEO, (OO-NNX).

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