Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-OLI, Falcon 900, msn 035

PH-OLI, awaiting passengers while parked in front of the Jet Center at Rotterdam airport.

Photo: Henk Wadman, EHRD, 21 February 2004.

PH-OLI, Just arrived at the paintshop of MAAS at Maastricht - Beek airport
on a flight from Schiphol. The picture was taken a few minutes after arrival.

Photo: by Paul Hogenboom, EHBK, 3 OCT 2003.

F-GNDK, Occitania Jet Fleet, approaching runway 27 at Laarbruch - Niederrhein airport.

Photo: Ron K, EDUL, 25 June 2003.

HB-IAD, Aeroleasing, captured while approaching London - Heathrow.

Photo: Frank Schaefer, EGLL, 1996.

This Falcon 900 started its flying career with Aeroleasing in Switserland during 1988 with tailnumber HB-IAD. Before transfer to the Netherlands, the Falcon 900 has been operating with Occitania Jet Fleet with tailnumber F- GNDK. The Falcon was registered PH-OLI on 1 October 2003 to Jet Netherlands, and has previously been operating with tailnumber F-GNDK, PP- PPA, F-GLMU, HB-IAD, F-WWFC. The pre-owned Falcon, build in 1988, was offered for sale by Dassault, France for an asking price of $ 16.000.000,== with a total airframe time of 9080 hours. Almost two years later the Falcon was cancelled from the Dutch register on 7 July 2005 and sold in the USA with tailnumber N139AL.

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