Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-TXA, Cessna 510 Citation Mustang, msn 510-0111, hex 4848DF

PH-TXA, Bikkair at Rotterdam airport.

Photo: Kees van Boven, EHRD, 3 October 2008.

The third Cessna Citation Mustang in the Netherlands was registered to Bikkair bv, Rotterdam on 24 September 2008. The Very Light Jet is the second Citation Mustang with Bikkair. They expected to operate 100 VLJ's from different locations all over Europe by the year 2012. However, on 4 February 2009 Bikkair had to cease operations as they were unable to attract further capital to fund their expansion plans. The Mustang was transferred to Airfield Holding BV, Hilversum on 31 July 2009, and to JetNetherlands, Schiphol on 2 September 2010.

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