Dutch Biz Jets    

PH-VBG, Falcon 2000EX, msn 5, hex 4841B4

PH-VBG, JetNetherlands, showing its new livery at Rotterdam airport.

Photo: Henk Wadman, EHRD, 15 September 2023

PH-VBG, JetNetherlands, at Rotterdam airport.

Photo: Henk Wadman, EHRD, 20 March 2011

PH-VBG, JetNetherlands, at Schiphol airport.

Photo: Erwin Stam, EHAM, 5 December 2003

The Falcon 2000EX captured at Paris Le Bourget wearing the Dassault logo and test markings F-WWGE.

Photo: Steve Jerrim, LFPB, 28 June 2003

PH-VBG is the second Falcon 2000, but the first Falcon 2000EX to be registered in the Netherlands, and was allocated on 1 November 2003 to Jet Netherlands BV, Schiphol. The owner of a Falcon 50EX decided to upgrade to a larger model which has an increased endurance of two hours. The Falcon 2000EX is able to fly non-stop Amsterdam - New York. The Falcon 50EX, PH-JNL, was traded in and returned to France during November 2003. PH-VBG was first seen on 29 October 2003 at Paris Le Bourget. Previous tailnumbers are: F-GUDN , LX- DKC (ntu), F-WWGE.

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