Sikorsky 92   msn: 920054

# 054 / G-CGZS, Bristow Helicopters. Accumulating many extra hours from its base in Scotland.
The export to Canada has been postponed with a few weeks, due to the technical problems
with the Eurocopter AS332 / EC225 fleet.

Photo: Graeme Lovell, EGPD, November 2012.

# 054 / C-GKNR, has been repainted in the original Cougar livery and will be exported to Canada shortly.

Photo: Steve Martin, EGPD, 20 October 2012.

# 054 Captured at Aberdeen after a change of tailnumber and operator.
G-CGZS is now operated by Bristow helicopters from Scotland.

Photo: Steve Martin, EGPD, 27 January 2012.

# 054 / C-GKNR, Cougar Helicopters, captured just after arrival at Aberdeen,
where it will be operated on lease to Bristow Helicopters for a few months.

Photo: 225driver, EGPD, 8 December 2011.

# 054 / ZS-RSH, Starlite Aviation, captured at Durban-Virginia, South Africa,
Photo: Pieter van Marion, FAVG, 12 Juli 2008.

# 054 / N4517P, StarLite Aviation.

South Africa, 15 Februari 2008.

# 054 / After arrival in South Africa on delivery to StarLite Aviation.
South Africa, February 2008.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 NOV 2006 N4517P  Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation,
 Stratford, Connecticut
 FEB 2008 N4517P  Starlite Aviation,
 Durban, South-Africa
 MAR 2008 ZS-RSH  Starlite Aviation,
 Durban, South-Africa
 FEB 2010   for sale by Aircraft Services Group,
 Ramsey, New Jersey. [ttaf:0275]
 APR 2011 C-GKNR  Cougar Helicopters Inc,
 St.John's, Canada
 DEC 2011 C-GKNR  leased to Bristow Helicopters Ltd,
 Aberdeen, United Kingdom
 JAN 2012 G-CGZS  Bristow Helicopters Ltd,
 Aberdeen, United Kingdom
 NOV 2012 C-GKNR  Cougar Helicopters Inc,
 St.John's, Canada
 JUL 2021 PS-BHB  Unknown Operator,
 Brazil. [reservation]

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