Sikorsky 92   msn: 920156

# 156 / N156F has just been towed out of the roll-on roll-off ship on the quay of
Dongguan Xinsha port in the early morning of 14 May 2012 after a sea voyage of 50 days.

# 156 / B-7117, China Southern, having its main rotor blades attached on the quay by engineers.

# 156 / B-7117, taxies out on the quay of Dongguan Xinsha harbour, the final part of its delivery
from the USA to China and the start of its first flight into China, flying to Zhuhai Jiuzhou Airport.

Photo: Port of Dongguan Xinsha, 15 May 2012.

 Airframe History:
 Date: Tailnumber: Owner / Operator:
 FEB 2011 N156F  Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation,
 Stratford, Connecticut
 NOV 2011 N156F  Wells Fargo Bank Northwest,
 Salt Lake City, Utah
 MAY 2012 B-7117  China Southern / Zhuhai Helicopters,
 Zhuhai, China

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