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"Recording contemporary aviation today is building
historical aviation records for the future"


The AeroBoek website is a private initiative and has no official connection with the aviation industry. The publication of the AeroBoek website is the combination of several hobbies of the author. Mixing the interest in Aviation, Helicopters, Internet, Photography, Travel and Writing. The aim of this website is to collect, verify and publish information about (rotary) aviation which is not readily available via other media. The data and images on this website have been collected from various sources in the public domain. In order to improve the amount and quality of data on this website you are invited to send corrections and additions to the webmaster. If you have any interesting data or digital images, color-slides or negatives available for publishing or trading, please contact the webmaster.


The AeroBoek website is available for personal use only. All data and images are protected by copyright law. No part of this website may be copied, published, distributed or stored in an information retrieval system without the express written permission from the webmaster. The commercial use of content, text, data, and or images extracted from this website is prohibited. Without the express written permission from the webmaster the publication on other websites of content, text, data and or images extracted from this website is prohibited. AeroBoek and its webmaster shall not be liable for any information published on this website nor for any errors or omissions which may occur on this website.

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